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Fly Fishing Slovenia - Secret of the River

Fly Fishing Slovenia

In old times a crystal river rose in the bowels of the highest mountain. Every morning a beautiful fairy set out there to have a bath. One day a wild mountain man who was in love with her abducted her. Suddenly the earth opened with infernal noise and swamped the man and the fairy together with the river. It still happens nowadays that the crystal river seethes from the rock once a year in the morning before Midsummer Night and murmurs a song about the unhappy fairy who is still being caught there. She will be rescued by a man who will here catch the fish of his life.

It’s a pleasure for me to let you discover Slovenian fly fishing! All anglers can find water that suits their fly-fishing abilities. If you are new to fly-fishing, you can enjoy learning and improving your fishing skills on the Sava Bohinjka. If you are an expert, you can test your stalking and rivercraft skills on Krka, Unica, Savinja, Soča or Idrijca rivers.